Josper and Berasategui, an exceptional pairing in the kitchen

Martín Berasategui assures us that he owes some of his Michelin stars to Josper.

Considered one of the best chefs in the world, with seven Michelin stars, Martín Berasategui opened his new restaurant Eme Be Garrote a little over half a year ago in the Ibaeta neighbourhood (San Sebastián) in an old cider bar that is characterised by its contemporary style and “Euskandinavo“.

It is a return to the origins of maestro Berasategui— cuisine with great ingredients, pampered over a fire and full of flavour, only wisely updated and at more than attractive prices.

This top San Sebastian chef says that Josper is “a mixture between art, magic and cooking”.

In this context, a Josper charcoal oven was a must. Chef Berasategui has once again placed his trust in us, incorporating a Josper into his kitchen in order to achieve top results, combining the traditional flavour of the coals with the most modern culinary techniques. We are enormously grateful to have Martín Berasategui as a Josper customer and friend— it is a true honour that makes us proud. Thank you so much, Martín!

“Josper is the Roll-Royce of the kitchen”, claims Martín Berasategui.

Below you can see our interview with Martín Berasategui in Eme Be Garrote, detailing his experience with Josper. A delight for the senses!