Pura Brasa, winner of the 12th National Grill Contest

Pura Brasa, winner of the 12th National Grill Contest

The Pura Brasa restaurant won the trophy at the National Grill Competition 2021, held on 17 November on the Kursaal terrace, as part of the San Sebastian Gastronomika event. And the supplier, Beef on Food, also won the trophy for the best meat.

Competing with meat from their usual suppliers, the eight contestants at the 12th edition of this annual competition were Makatzeta (Arrazola), Aldanondo (San Sebastián), Saizar (Usurbil), Casa Azofra (Burgos), Pura Brasa (Barcelona), Taberna Cocote (Pamplona), Asador Iturrama (Pamplona), and Essentia (Tarancón, Cuenca). The event was hosted by the chef David de Jorge.

Manu Yebras won the trophy for best national grill

Barcelona’s Pura Brasa restaurant, managed by Manu Yebras, won the coveted trophy for best national grill with a great Beef on Food steak, which was well cooked, nutritious, tasty and had a great texture.

There were two juries for the competition: the professional jury, on one hand, which included the illustrious food experts José Carlos Capel, Martín Berasategui, Pedro Subijana, Julia Pérez, Amaia Ortuzar, David Pérez, Juanjo Arratibel, Joan Atanasio Carrasco, Nerea Ugarte and Carlos Maribona. And on the other hand there was a jury made up of all the people attending the event. Both juries assessed the quality of the meat chosen by the griller, as well as its cooking, texture and flavour. And here is José Carlos Capel’s opinion from his Twitter account:

Manu Yebras, from Barcelona's Pura Brasa

The competition was once again sponsored by Josper, who supplied the winning equipment, the A HJA-50 Charcoal Oven, ideal for charcoal cooking, along with the Marabú wood Josper charcoal, which not only does not produce sparks, but also burns for a long time. We would like to congratulate all the contestants at the 12th edition of this competition, and especially the Pura Brasa restaurant, the winner of the trophy.

Manu Yebras thanking the award
Some participants at National Grill Contest
The winner, the he professional jury and some participants
Manu Yebras and Pedro Subijana
Pura Brasa and Josper HJX-50
Pura Brasa working hard
The meat at Josper grill
Manu Yebras at National Grill Contest 2021
The winners at National Grill Contest
Manu Yebras proudly shows his award

Photo: Félix Morquecho (El Diario Vasco), José Carlos Capel, San Sebastián Gastronomika and Pura Brasa.

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