Josper combos, the best of two worlds

Josper combos, the best of two worlds

You are looking to include Josper equipment in your kitchen and you have been analysing all the Josper charcoal oven models in detail, but you have also discovered the innovative Josper Basque Grill, which offers open grilling technology, so now you are faced with a dilemma. We get it. We understand how hard it is to decide between the two, so here we offer you a solution that is sure to convince you.

Josper Combo, Petit Comite, Barcelona
A beautiful Josper oven

The legendary Josper charcoal ovens

It is clear that a Josper charcoal oven is something that chefs all over the world dream about. The legendary Josper charcoal oven, created at the end of the sixties by Pere Juli and Josep Armangué in Pineda de Mar, Barcelona, is an essential tool for cooking the best dishes. A robust and durable piece of equipment that is perfect for preparing all kinds of grilled dishes, whether vegetables, fish, shellfish, meat, rice or even desserts. And this is supported by Martín Berasategui, the chef with the most Michelin stars in Spain: “Our Michelin stars at Berasategui were earned in part thanks to Josper, because many of the things we produce in my kitchen pass through the Josper oven, and it is marvellous”: this endorsement comes as a result of working with Josper for over 30 years.

A Josper Baque Grill
A Josper Basque Grill at full capacity

…And the Josper Basque Grills

Our readers will already be familiar with the Josper Basque Grill. Just a few years ago, we once again revolutionised the world of grilling. Because everyone knows that the best and most prestigious steakhouses can be found in the Basque Country, so Josper had to be there too. With our passion for grilling and help from the great Basque chef and grill master Bittor Arginzoniz  we created a traditional open charcoal grill, where you can prepare dishes in the style of the most popular northern Spanish cuisine, in the most traditional way, with the ancestral open grill.

There are two ranges: PVJ-076 and PVJ-050. The first offers variations of one, two and three individual grills, while the second has a double grill in one module and an ember tray. The independent cooking modules allow you to adjust each grill independently, to obtain full control over the cooking of all the food. Each module has a separate ash collection system and a bottom drawer to store all the accessories.

Aside from its elegant design, the Basque Grill also offers unique value, and since its release it has been in great demand by many great chefs, as it is also perfect for show cooking, that is, cooking over the embers in front of diners, which has now become a full-on show and a solid trend.

The Josper Combo
The Josper combo, the best of two worlds in a single module

The ultimate solution: Josper combos, the best of two worlds

Now that you know more than enough about the benefits of Josper charcoal ovens and Josper Basque Grills, which one should you choose? If you still have any doubts at this point, our advice is clear: the ideal solution for your kitchen is, without a doubt, the Josper Combo.

Josper has achieved the best of both worlds with its combos. On the one hand, you have the best elements of the Josper charcoal oven, and on the other hand, the speed and charcoal control of the Basque Grill, all in a single unit. Two pieces of equipment integrated into one single structure, offering chefs a wider range of dishes to prepare and a greater use of different grilling techniques, providing maximum flexibility in grilling.

There are two Josper combos: Combo CVJ-50-PRO and Combo CVJ-76-PRO, each with three models. The Basque Grills include a mechanical system for lifting the arm, operated by a handwheel on the front of the grill, which in turn is fitted with a high-quality reduction drive, allowing effortless movement and a very strong resistance to high temperatures.

The combination of a Josper oven and grill in one single device offers infinite culinary possibilities: versatility and maximum efficiency in a single piece of equipment, which will take your kitchen and your dishes to the next level.

See all the Josper combos we offer for your kitchen.

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