Natural Aromatic Wood Chunks for Smoking – Rosemary Scent

Smoke with rosemary scent

The aroma provided by the rosemary leaf is so powerful that it can be used alone or as a substitute for other spices and even salt. Therefore, it is suitable for smoking red beef, fish, poultry and pork.

JOSPER aromatic smoking wood chunks are made with the purest and most natural raw materials, to bring our customers an exclusive, quality and environmentally friendly product. Our natural smoking wood chunks do not contain any type of artificial binder, melamines, glues, or flammable products, etc.

All the aromas of the smoking wood chunks are obtained from the woods and bushes described on the label, without adding any other additives that could interfere with the natural aroma. There is no better essence than what we get in nature, that is why these aromatic wood chunks are the result of an exquisite search that makes them unique.


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