Binchotan charcoal – Eucalyptus

Binchotan charcoal – Eucalyptus. Charcoal of Japanese origin with Binchotan denomination, also called white eucalyptus wood charcoal. It is a very high-quality charcoal produced under low temperature processes which provide high heating performance and lower emission of scents to this kind of charcoal. This wood charcoal has been the most ecological alternative for centuries.

Certified Quality: All forest-based products offered by Josper® have the corresponding quality seals that guarantee the sustainability of the resources used, as well as the maintenance of ecosystems and biological diversity. By complying with PEFC® and REACH certifications, we comply with the best practices’ standards, guaranteeing our charcoal has been produced through sustainable sources and looking out for the protection of healthy environments for the generations to come.


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