Hexagonal Briquette Josper charcoal – Ref 301001

Hexagonal Briquette Josper Charcoal. The briquette main characteristic is that it is made of sawdust from compacted hardwoods. Posteriously, it is dried aat 10% humidity degree and pressed as a briquette. No type of binder is used, since the humidity and wood’s own lignin work as a natural glue, making this type of charcoal specially indicated to work on Robatas. Its compacted embers and slow burning provides a better calorific and work performance. 

Eco-friendly, sustainable, environmental and social commitment, certified quality charcoal.

Certified Quality: All forest-based products offered by Josper® have the corresponding quality seals that guarantee the sustainability of the resources used, as well as the maintenance of ecosystems and biological diversity. By complying with PEFC® and REACH certifications, we comply with the best practices’ standards, guaranteeing our charcoal has been produced through sustainable sources and looking out for the protection of healthy environments for the generations to come.


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