Coconut Shell charcoal | COCO | JOSPER Charcoal

COCO - Coconut shell Josper charcoal

Prepared and served under the DIN regulation. Containing mainly coconut shells, it’s a compacted mix which lacks any kind of spark during its fire up process and time of use. It keeps homogenous embers. Because of the coconut shell nature, this charcoal type doesn’t produce smoke, which allows its use in indoor areas and restaurants with open kitchens or showrooms, turning the act of cooking in front of a client very comfortable. Free of any flavour it is suitable for any kind of products, since it does not influence products own flavour intensity.

Certified Quality: All forest-based products offered by Josper® have the corresponding quality seals that guarantee the sustainability of the resources used, as well as the maintenance of ecosystems and biological diversity. By complying with PEFC® and REACH certifications, we comply with the best practices’ standards, guaranteeing our charcoal has been produced through sustainable sources and looking out for the protection of healthy environments for the generations to come.

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