CE – Marabú wood Josper charcoal

The Marabú charcoal owns excellent heating qualities, does not spark and has a long lasting burning time against other softer and semi-soft woods. Its colour is uniform and has the characteristic cylindrical morphology which provides a metallic sound. Its fire up time is slow, so it’s specially recommended for open grills (Basque Grill Josper, Robatagrill and Josper Charcoal Oven). Due to its gentle flavour it is suitable for white meat fish and vegetables.

Certified Quality: All forest-based products offered by Josper® have the corresponding quality seals that guarantee the sustainability of the resources used, as well as the maintenance of ecosystems and biological diversity. By complying with PEFC® and REACH certifications, we comply with the best practices’ standards, guaranteeing our charcoal has been produced through sustainable sources and looking out for the protection of healthy environments for the generations to come.


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