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Pur, Barcelona

Josper Combo CVJ-050-2-HJX-45 / Charcoal Oven 45 + Double Basque Grill in one module

Combines a Josper Charcoal Oven HJX-45 and Josper Basque Grill PVJ-050-2 with a double grill in one module. Charcoal Oven: recommended for 180 diners, with an average fire-up time of ± 35 minutesBasque Grill: average fire-up time of ± 20 minutes.

The tandem of an oven and grill offers infinite gastronomic possibilities:

  • Triple or even quadruple braising area: the two liftable grills of the Basque Grill, as well as the 5 internal braising levels of the oven.
  • Versatility of elaborations and techniques: sealing first the product on the open grill and finishing the product inside the oven, different intensity degrees of smoked products, separation of meat, fish and vegetables on each independent rack and absolute control of the raw material even of the most delicate products.
  • Product sealing control both with the open grill and the oven thanks to heights adjustment.
  • Fast and agile temperature regulation through the steering wheel of the open grill, which is provided with a hydraulic height regulation system, and through the oven’s vent system.
  • Increase in speed and volume of production due to the energy generation capacity of both machines operating at the same time.
  • Reutilization of the heat energy produced during the pyrolysis process, both in the oven and in the Basque grill.
  • Strong visual and show grilling component of the combo. It allows the chef to diversify, capture the attention of the diners and temper the product in front of the clients.
  • Uniform consumption of wood charcoal because of the combustion taking place in an homogeneous vessel.
  • Uninterrupted service in non-stop kitchens and long-term events.

Grilling area of the open grill 500 x 510 mm (x2 racks) and 760 x 510 mm (x2 racks) in the oven.

Included accessories: firebreak, firebreak hat, 2 tongs, poker and grill racks.


Charcoal Oven HJX-45 + Basque Grill Monoblock PVJ-50
Size: 236x90x188cm
Grill Size: 50x51cm (x2) / 76x51cm (x2)
± 180 diners
Pur, Barcelona
Josper Combo CVJ-050-2-HJX-45
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Pur, Barcelona
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