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Carbón Negro, Madrid

Josper Basque Grill PVJ-076-3 Individual triple grill

The triple Josper Basque Grill PVJ-076-3 has a grilling area of 760 x 510 mm (x3) and a vertical track of 290 mm. The firing up time is 20 minutes, with a grilling temperature of 250 ºC and daily charcoal consumption of 54 to 60 kg average. Included accessories: tongs and poker.

The characteristics that make the Josper Basque Grill an outstanding product in our industry are:

  • Hydraulic height regulation system, which ensures a smooth and continuous movement of the grill at different heights
  • Maximal thermal insulation guaranteed by a multi-chamber ventilation system
  • Interior protection barrier provided by mineral insulation.
  • Natural heat convection flow, not forced, limiting heat transfer and consequently, reducing external temperature transfer. Therefore, facilitating its usability.

In the manufacturing process of the Basque Grill we have used the best high-tech steel alloys created by and for Josper, as well as the most advanced design techniques in the construction of traditional grills.


Individual triple grill
Grill size: 76×51 cm (x3)
± 210 diners
Carbón Negro, Madrid
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Carbón Negro, Madrid
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