Pura Brasa, Pineda de Mar, Barcelona

Josper Rotisserie ASJ-130 Large

The biggest of the Josper Rotisseries, ASJ-130, has a maximum capacity of 48 chickens, a grilling area of 1330 mm x 6 spit rods and a firing up time of 35 minutes. The grilling temperature is between 200 ºC and 280 ºC, with a daily charcoal consumption from 30 to 34 kg average. Included accessories: set of skewers, spit rod forks, 2 spit holders, 8 GN trays 1/1 inox, tongs, poker for coal and an ash pan.

It is equipped with 1/1 GN sliding trays, as well as temperature-controlled drawers to keep products hot, in order to complete their elaboration. The upper guillotine door maintains the temperature and allows the show cooking, making visible the braising process and the preparation of food. Its rotating planetary drum with 6 spit rods ensures complete braising of the pieces. The rotation of each spit rod on its own axis makes it easier for each piece of product to remain wrapped in its own juices, thus preventing them from remaining dry and guaranteeing the maintenance of their aroma and juiciness. For better cleaning, such as all Josper equipment, the rotisserie is provided with an ash collector.


ASJ-063 Large
Size: 97x105x191/208 cm
Rack size: 130 cm
± 48 p/h
Puertalsol, Madrid
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Puertalsol, Madrid
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