Umo, Madrid

Josper Mangal MGJ-132

Josper Mangal MGJ-132, the woodcharcoal open grill to cook in the Mangal style. With a grilling area of 1235 x 490 mm (x4 levels), fire up time of about 20 minutes, and a grilling temperature of 250 ºC. Daily charcoal consumption of 22 to 24 kg average. Included accessories: 3 temperature regulation grates, 1 wire grill rack, 16 GN trays 1/9 and tongs.

At each of the four braising levels, two adjustable crossbars allow the execution of several elaborations ranging from; direct grilling, braising by using skewers, griddles, Josper GNs and even on tempering grates, as well as smoking on the highest level. The first and lower level is used for braising and fast sealing, the second and third for slower cooking and the fourth to heat and keep food warm. With the Josper Mangal you can cook on the charcoal different cuts of meat such as steaks, hamburger, kebab, shaslik, chicken breasts or wings, as well as a wide variety of vegetables.


Size: 145x102x150 cm
Grill size: 132 cm
± 200 diners
Umo, Madrid
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