Josper Wood Charcoal

Josper wood charcoal provides a high calorific value and durable power. Its high efficiency significantly reduces cooking times, which represents substantial savings of money and of resources used for its obtainment. Josper designed an innovative container that facilitates its handling and storing, promoting a better cleaning with respect to other formats, which also acts as a dispenser. The boxes have a ripped line in its front side for a quick opening, as well as lateral grips for a better transportation and pouring.

Josper, in its line of responsibility and commitment with the environment, obtains its charcoal through a sustainable management of natural resources, adding a differential value to its labor and fostering the maintenance of our forests. With this project, Josper produces high-quality wood charcoal from nearby natural resources that come from the cleaning of woods, the selection of shoots, sanitary and improvement pruning, adding value to this wood and thriving the responsible management of our green areas.

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