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Josper's open grill equipment

Josper’s open grill equipment, all developed under the same Josper seal of technological quality, have been designed to cook any avant-garde world cuisine dish in the most traditional way. The open grill equipment line, whether they are combos, robatagrills, Basque grills or mangales, are powered by the highest quality charcoal.

Josper’s equipment is very versatile and productive, inspired by the traditional culinary cultures of the international gastronomic grill, such as the Josper Basque Grill, ideal for grilling meat, vegetables, fish, etc., created in the most traditional way in Northern Spain. The Josper Mangal designed and developed as multifunctional equipment following the culinary tradition of the Middle East or the Josper Robatagrill, to cook the most up-to-date dishes in the robatayaki style in front of the diner.

Charcoal equipment in professional kitchens is each day more essential, even open grills provided with the latest grill technology. Josper, mastering the grill since 1969.

Open Grills, Show cooking among embers

The possibilities of the Josper Open Grills

Discover everything that Josper open grill equipment can do for you in the Showcooking between embers blog post, in the Jospering news section, in which we explain all the Josper options for cooking with open embers, and in which you will discover how provide each dish with an unmistakable aroma, color and flavor. Also, in this entry on how to cook fish and shellfish we will see, with all the Josper open grills how to get the best out of our grills and embers, in it we will give you some tips, advice and tricks to prepare extremely tasty fish and shellfish on Basque grills, mangals and robatayakis, today’s favorite option for many. And as always, on our channel, you can see videos of a lot of recipes.

Basque Open Grill, spanish embers tradition

Basque grills, professional charcoal grills, an unmistakable style of cooking from the north of the Iberian peninsula, already spread throughout the entire geography.

The Basque Grill is the classic open grill, a traditional grill with high design and technology that Josper has designed with the help of the great Basque chef Bittor Arginzoniz, head of Asador Etxevarri, third best restaurant in the world and best grill in the world, two prestigious awards that reflect the mastery of the chef. With high design and technology, the Josper Basque Grill is a very elegant piece of equipment, which gives high added value to any establishment that installs it, not only because it provides a differential and unique flavor to the products roasted in it, but also as showcooking, preparing dishes in front of diners.

Josper PVJ-076-1 Basuki, Bilbao
Un mangal, en plena acción

Mangal Josper, versatile Open Grill

Mangal Josper, the perfect open charcoal grill for cooking mangal style, the Middle Eastern barbecue, whose origin is in Turkey. With the mangal, different cuts of meat such as steaks, hamburgers, kebabs, shaslik, breasts or chicken wings, as well as a wide variety of vegetables, can be cooked on charcoal. It is one of the most versatile professional charcoal grills for your business. At each brazing level there are two adjustable crossbars that allow you to carry out preparations both on the direct grill, as well as by means of a skewer, griddles and Josper GNs or attemperators, as well as slow brazing with smoke in the upper part. Depending on the levels of brazing, quick preparations and sealings, slower brazing or tempering and keeping food warm can be carried out.

Robatagrill, Josper Open Grill from Japanish tradition

Another of Josper’s professional charcoal grills is the Robatagrill. Robata is the style of grilled cooking in Japan, in which small portions of food are cooked, so our equipment works at very high temperatures without flame and, used with binchotan charcoal, also provides a very special aroma to the dishes. foods. It is ideal for the modern interpretation of some of the most prized dishes of the country of the rising sun… If you are looking to prepare the best grilled fusion cuisine, this is definitely your team: fresh meat, seafood, fish and vegetables, in small portions, are the key ingredients for the style of cooking in robata, whose single vision at full capacity delights diners.

Josper Robatagrill, an open grill
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