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Josper Open Grills

Josper’s open grill equipment, all developed under the same Josper seal of technological quality, have been designed to cook any avant-garde world cuisine dish in the most traditional way. The open grill equipment line, whether they are combos, robatagrills, Basque grills or mangales, are powered by the highest quality charcoal.

Josper’s equipment is very versatile and productive, inspired by the traditional culinary cultures of the international gastronomic grill, such as the Josper Basque Grill, ideal for grilling meat, vegetables, fish, etc., created in the most traditional way in Northern Spain. The Josper Mangal designed and developed as multifunctional equipment following the culinary tradition of the Middle East or the Josper Robatagrill, to cook the most up-to-date dishes in the robatayaki style in front of the diner.

Charcoal equipment in professional kitchens is each day more essential, even open grills provided with the latest grill technology. Josper, mastering the grill since 1969.

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