Josper wins the ASTER award from the ESIC Business School in its 35th edition

Pere Juli, CEO of Josper receiving the ASTER award (Photo: ESIC)

On Tuesday, 14 November in the National Theatre of Catalonia, JOSPER won the ASTER award for SME Business Trajectory from the ESIC Business School in its 35th edition.

This award, which was shared with Torrons Vicens, recognises the merits of individuals and entities for their professional activity, and comes at a crucial time for JOSPER after more than 48 years in the domestic and international market as a family business pioneer in the production of charcoal grill equipment for the HoReCa sector.

Pere Juli, durante su exposición en los Premios ASTER (Foto: ESIC)
Pere Juli, during his speech at the ASTER Awards (Photo: ESIC)

JOSPER started working in charcoal cooking equipment production in 1969, manufacturing ovens whose only fuel was and continues to be charcoal and using the best high-tech steel alloys for their construction. The JOSPER® Charcoal Oven was born, the perfect combination between a grill and an oven in a single appliance, whose design and integration of a charcoal temperature control system by way of vents earned it the first international patent for charcoal ovens by the EPO (European Patent Office).

Currently, JOSPER has expanded its product range from the first HJX charcoal oven, with its 4 sizes and various models, to a portfolio of over 20 different charcoal units, of which JOSPER sells up to 7 different top-quality types, along with accessories and high-temperature cookware. In parallel and from the company itself, JOSPER has emphasised its presence at a national and international level through its restaurant brand and franchise PURA BRASA Gastronomic Grill, a chain of restaurants with more than 7 establishments and growing.

Pere Juli, refiriéndose a su esposa Susan Carlie como referente en su trayectoria personal y profesional (Foto: ESIC)
Pere Juli, acknowledging his wife Susan Carlie as the focus of his personal and professional trajectory (Photo: ESIC)

With a 48-year trajectory under its belt and holding the strictest national and international certifications, the JOSPER® gastronomic charcoal oven has already been exported to more than 30,000 final customers in more than 122 countries. The high value that charcoal gives to the raw materials inside a JOSPER oven continues to attract users all over the world, providing them with the flavours of yesteryear and the perfect texture and juiciness, resulting in dishes with a unique and unmistakable flavour.

Chefs from gastronomic segments as diverse as steak houses, brasseries, tapas bars, bistro-cafés, and traditional and haute cuisine restaurants are fans of the Josper gastronomic charcoal oven.

Pere Juli, recoge el premio ASTER de la mano de Antonio Pont, presidente de honor de Borges International Group (Foto: ESIC)
Pere Juli, collecting the ASTER Award from Antonio Pont, Honorary President of Borges International Group (Photo: ESIC)

The secret to a trajectory of almost half a century: humility, experience, innovation and development, a lot of perseverance, a warm attitude both towards the human team and our final customers, and above all, passion— a lot of Passion for Grilling®.

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