Josper-style Baraqueville beef by Gilles Goujon

goujon josper baraqueville

L’Auberge du Vieux Puits in Fontjoncouse, Aude, is three Michelin-star Chef Gilles Goujon’s restaurant, which is surrounded by countryside and top-quality products.

Here, a very clean signature cuisine is offered, which is born from the land and in the country of the Chef, France.

With a contemporary cuisine based on fresh seasonal products, Gilles Goujon seeks to maintain the authenticity of the culinary tradition. And for that, he has Josper.

The three Michelin-star Chef in his restaurant offers quality in the products, in the cooking, in the seasoning, and always with a twist of originality without falling into excess.

Appointed Ambassador of gastronomy, culture and, above all, of the first-quality products of France, this time, he uses the precious beef of Baraqueville to make this succulent dish.

Josper Baraqueville beef by Goujon

Easter beef (or Baraqueville beef)

Fifteen days before Easter Sunday a national contest is held in Baraqueville (in Aveyron), which serves as a showcase to show the breeding of supreme quality cattle in France.

“Bœufs de Pâques” (or Easter Beef) is the second most important contest in France for its quality.

Recognized in 2004 by the National Federation of Animal Contests of Carnage of France, this regional event seeks to reward excellence among the animals presented to the event -some 400 in total.

And it is a meeting point for producers, buyers and enthusiasts of the world of butchery, which aims to promote the industry, increasing its national dimension every year.

Here, for two days, the animals best selected by the jury are auctioned to meat professionals.

In fact, “Bœufs de Pâques” (or Easter Beef, which is also known as Baraqueville beef) moves more than 1.5 million euros in transactions.

In this event the breeders -and buyers- find their reward because the valued beef is a show both inside and outside the kitchen.

It is not surprising that in the restaurant menu of Gilles Goujon, the three Michelin-star Chef has such a precious meat as can be seen in this photo:

Josper Baraqueville beef

Josper-style aged Baraqueville beef, vegetable trinchat stuffed with bone marrow, bull gardiane (or gardianne -a specialty made from bull meat from Camargue and the region, which is cooked with red wine), and taggiasche olives.

In the following link you can see the video of the preparation of the recipe of the Baraqueville bull steak by Gilles Goujon together with Josper:

Photos: JOSPER Official Site,

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