Josper, most wanted ember in Moscow

Josper arrasa en Moscú

Moscow surrenders to Josper’s extraordinary quality, the authentic charcoal oven selected by the best Steak Houses and Brasseries from all over the world, to give answer to their most demanding clients. From the elegant Hotel Four Seasons Moscow to well-known prestigious brands, such as: GoodmanLa Marée or Kolbasoff. All of them have chosen the perfect embers to grill and none of them could resist the authentic Josper, a brand a hundred per cent produced in Spain, producing ovens since more than 50 years, with more than 25.000 clients all over the world.

Grill lovers visiting Moscow will be pleased. Since 2015 various prestigious restaurants of the city installed the authentic Josper charcoal oven in their kitchens. Thus, obtaining the best typical grill flavor, with an amazing texture and juiciness, and sat fine palate.

Amongst new Josper’s incorporations to the Muscovite cuisine, we highlight Hotel Four Seasons Moscow, where one can experience the typical yesterday’s flavor from the charcoal onto products grilled in the Josper. The perfect meat texture and juiciness can also be found at the restaurants Meat, Goodman, La Marée, Kolbasoff, Johnnie Green, or Artplay кафе. All of them relied on Josper to bring the embers to their kitchens and gift their clients with an exceptional grill.

Josper Charcoal Ovens’ high quality steel and components, used during its production and assembly phases, confer to Josper its quality and reliability. The perfect combination of a grill and an oven, high temperature working, products sealing, smoking and grilling, result into dishes with a unique and unmistakable flavor.

And where to experience the real Josper Grilling live? In prestigious restaurants worldwide, such as: Noma in Denmark,Dinner in London and the just opened Heart from Adrià’s brothers in Ibiza, El Nacional from Carles Tejedor in Barcelona or the restaurant At.mosphere in Burj Khalifa, Dubai.

Meat Lovers’ Menu in Four Seasons Moscow

Seizing PIR Expo, the Russian Hospitality Week in Moscow, Josper has designed a special fleshy menu named “Meat Lovers, by Josper ”, with which grill cuisine lovers will through and through experience Josper’s Passion for Grilling from October 5th to 8th at the firs-class Four Seasons Hotel Moscow.

Grilling tempting dishes such as: leek cream, “escalibada” toast together with asparagus topped with Iberic ham, “Les Tres Alzines” beetroot or smoked boletus with egg and grilled foie-gras, Josper will conquer Moscow during the PIR Expo at a spectacular environment in the renamed Four Seasons Hotel Moscow.