Josper Masterclass in the Basque Culinary Center

Josper, en el Basque Culinary Center

We’re in a new academic year, and at Josper we are working on new projects. Projects we have already excitedly begun and will be sharing with you here, on our news blog.

At Josper we have set out on a series of collaborations with hotel management schools and culinary training centres, in order to share experiences and knowledge. The first activity was held in a privileged setting: the Basque Culinary Center.

Located in a unique and emblematic building in San Sebastian, the Basque Culinary Center integrates the first public Faculty of Gastronomic Sciences and a one-of-a-kind research and innovation center at a European level. It serves as a reference for gastronomy and catering professionals, where events, conferences, seminars and cultural events are also organised.

Our first activity at the Basque CC was a masterclass on “Innovation in Charcoal”, given within the course on cutting-edge culinary techniques. We can say it was a true success! The attendees were delighted and very satisfied both by the content of the presentation and by the fact that it was “a unique gastronomic experience”, as the students themselves put it.

At the culinary level, we pulled out our best repertoire: grilled mussels, peppers, sirloin and more, showing the work from basic preparations to browning techniques and finishing with vacuum-sealed products. We even improvised with the dessert and made grilled melon with Idiazábal foam— it was spectacular!

We have a video of the event, a good visual summary of a great day spent at the BCC:

We’d like to thank the students of the masterclass for their active participation and all those who made this activity in the BCC possible.

All our videos are available on Josper’s Vimeo channel.