Charcoal rotisserie from Josper

Charcoal rotisserie from Josper

The secret of charcoal-grilled chicken

It takes too long, it’s too dry, it’s burnt on the outside and not cooked on the inside… How many times have we thought this while deciding whether to cook a chicken over embers or try it in a restaurant? Culinary experts agree that you have to know how to choose the right type of chicken, so that its texture is perfect for charcoal cooking (the ideal size is around one kilo), and also to know how high to place the coals, make the perfect cut, marinate it and cook it for the right amount of time. It’s no easy task, but the truth is that getting a crispy, tasty finish right down to the breast can be simple. The secret? A Josper charcoal-grill chicken rotisserie.

Charcoal rotisseries from Josper
The two models of Josper charcoal-grill chicken rotisseries: ASJ-063 and ASJ-130

Josper charcoal-grill chicken rotisseries

The largest of the Josper rotisseries, the ASJ-130, has capacity for 48 chickens and is equipped with temperature-controlled drawers for keeping the product warm and finishing it. The upper guillotine door maintains the roasting temperature and allows show cooking, making the braising and preparation of the food visible. Its rotating planetary drum with six spit rods ensures that all the pieces cook thoroughly. Each spit rod rotates on its own axis, so that each piece continues to cook in its own juices, thus preventing them from drying out and helping them to maintain their aroma and juiciness. As with all Josper equipment, the rotisserie comes with an ash tray for easy cleaning. And the smaller Josper ASJ-063 is equally as impressive: it has capacity for 24 chickens, an attractive design and six rotating spit rods, to guarantee a perfect, juicy roast in full view of the customers.

Charcoal rotisserie, A Pluma Barcelona, by Eugenio de Diego
The exquisite charcoal-grilled chickens at A Pluma, prepared by Eugeni de Diego

A Pluma: spectacular chicken

The result is (simply) spectacular: crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. This is something that any charcoal-grilled chicken rotisserie offering spectacular dishes should know. And one of them is A Pluma, which was born from the romantic idea of Eugeni de Diego, who used to be head chef at elBulli, and would regularly go to a local chicken restaurant in Roses with his wife after finishing a long shift. The house special is the “groc català“, a bird born and raised in the wild in Catalonia with a 70 percent grain-based diet. Lemon, thyme, rosemary and garlic for the marinade, and then all the power and quality of Josper for the cooking: at 150 degrees for one and a half to two hours, using 100% Marabu Cuban charcoal to ensure success.

Josper Rotisserie, Celler de Matadepera
Juicy and crispy on the outside: the charcoal-roasted chickens of Celler de Matadepera

El Celler de Matadepera: the taste of tradition

Another grilling revolutionary is El Celler de Matadepera (Barcelona), where the tradition of three generations (the rotisserie opened in 1968) is fused with cutting-edge technology.  “Our rotisserie is based on a handcrafted design, which, together with the steel construction, enables us to generate a unique heat spot. We wanted to use the best and latest cutting-edge technology to capture the tradition that we are known for and that we greatly appreciate. In any case, Josper is the perfect tool for the most demanding of chefs“, they underline. In addition to serving customers in this unique space, located in what used to be an orchard, the restaurant has also launched a new takeaway service for charcoal-roasted chickens. A quick, easy and simple way to bring all the flavour of tradition directly to your home.

Charcal rotisserie, Puertalsol Madrid, Josper
Excellent charcoal-grilled chickens at Alberto Chicote’s Puertalsol

Puertalsol, the most traditional charcoal-grilled chicken rotisserie

In the heart of Madrid’s Kilometre Zero, and with fantastic views from up high, Alberto Chicote‘s tavern PuertalSol serves traditional tapas, homemade stews, beef chops, lamb chops and a delicious cockle pan, among other options, as well as magnificent chicken prepared in the Josper charcoal-grill chicken rotisserie. The TV chef announced it on his Twitter account at the beginning of this adventure in the middle of Puerta del Sol: “Happy Sunday! Is there anything better on a Sunday than a roast chicken? We’re launching a new gadget for roasting chickens (and more things to come) from Josper, who never stop coming up with new ways to make grilling more and more versatile”.

Charcal rotisserie from Josper, Chicken & Fish
Chickens from Chicken & Fish, cooked in their Josper rotisserie

Chicken & Fish Grill: Josper rotisserie chicken

Chicken & Fish Grill offers a culinary concept based on the purity of a product subtly infused with an aroma of natural fire. Innovative and appetising presentations to delight the most demanding of palates, such as their star dish: their roast chickens. Superb crispy and juicy charcoal-grilled chickens accompanied by Estrella Damm sauce. And watch this space, because they have already announced that they will soon be offering a take-away chicken service. Residents of Pineda de Mar are in luck.

Charcoal rotisserie from Josper, Chicken & Fish, Pin
Roast chickens cooked in a Josper rotisserie at Chicken & Fish, with their special sauce
 Roast chickens cooked in a Josper rotisserie at Chicken & Fish, with their special sauce The Chicken Grill: chicken full of flavour in La Marsa, Tunisia
The Chicken Grill: chicken full of flavour in La Marsa, Tunisia

The Chicken Grilled: chickens full of flavour

At The Chicken Grilledin La Marsa, a seaside resort in Tunisia, they are very proud of their Josper chicken, so much so that they have their own Josper section for their stories on Instagram. The poulets braisés au Josper are a sensation among their customers, who are accustomed to the high-quality cuisine at this restaurant, which is famous for its dishes loaded with flavours.

Best roasted chicken, by Josper
Mikel López Iturriaga (El Comidista) and Eugeni de Diego, from A Pluma, working hand in hand

Learn more about Josper’s chicken rotisseries

Finally, here are four very useful videos to help you set up, use and handle Josper rotisseries, as well as some good ideas for seasoning chickens correctly and an interview with Eugeni de Diego, from A Pluma, in El Comidista . They will enable you to get the most out of your Josper ASJ-130 or ASJ-063 charcoal rotisserie:

-Setting up a Josper ASJ-130 or ASJ-063 rotisserie.

-Using a Josper ASJ-130 or ASJ-063 chicken rotisserie.

-Seasoning chickens in ASJ-130 or ASJ-063 rotisseries.

“The chicken that borders on perfection: Eugeni de Diego from A Pluma tells Mikel López Iturriaga (El Comidista) how he makes his Josper chickens.

With all this information you will undoubtedly become true masters of Josper chicken, just like the great chef Franchy Fernández Grandio (main photo).

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