The new HJX-PRO range from Josper

The new HJX-PRO range from Josper

Introducing the new generation of Josper charcoal ovens

Our flagship charcoal ovens from the HJX range are entering a new generation with HJX-PRO, which has now become Josper’s new standard. The improvements and innovations that we are offering with this new range have been implemented to make it even easier for chefs to operate these grills, which are essential in any professional kitchen.

The new additions to the HJX-PRO

We have made numerous improvements to the HJX-PRO equipment, with the following notable examples:

– New innovative housing: improvements to the housing make it much more hygienic and easier to clean, and also include extra ventilation, to prevent overheating during use. The rear housing now features a ventilation grille to help evacuate the hot air, while the upper casing has reinforcing inserts and a larger air chamber for greater insulation. It is also easier to clean thanks to its sanitary grooves. In short, the new housing offers greater thermal insulation and rear ventilation.

– Door innovations: the doors on the new HJX-PRO range have a much more robust, durable and user-friendly drive system. This new system makes the door easier to change, replace and maintain.

-Improvements to the lower vent: the lower vent has a much wider opening, with increased airflow, thanks to the eight openings that allow more air to enter. This results in faster and more even grilling. The ash drawer consists of an airtight GN ash collection tray that is separate from the air inlet and is also easier to handle, as it is removable.

-Improvements to the smoke outlet: the new smoke outlet on the HJX-PRO is visually striking, easier to clean and, of course, offers maximum safety. A new smoke outlet assembly, fitted as standard, with a diffuser that is responsible for dissipating and cooling the temperature of the smoke produced by combustion. Other notable additions are the new, inset filter and firewall. All these innovations ensure maximum safety and make cleaning much easier.

– Easier use of Gastronorm trays (GNs): we provide an environment that is much more convenient to work with.

New Josper charcoal oven HJX-PRO-M120

HJX-PRO oven sizes

The new range of Josper HJX-PRO charcoal ovens is available in three sizes: smallmedium and large. All HJX-PRO ovens guarantee unique results, obtaining perfect textures, juiciness and sealing, to meet the restaurant’s particular needs. The product names are easy to understand:

Mini: the HJX-PRO Mini charcoal oven is recommended for +/- 40 guests.

Small: the HJX-PRO-S80 charcoal oven is recommended for +/- 80 guests.

Medium: the HJX-PRO-M120 charcoal oven is recommended for +/- 120 guests.

Large: the HJX-PRO-L175 charcoal oven is recommended for +/- 175 guests.

New Josper HJX Prp S80

The size of the grills

The grills on the new HJX-PRO ovens are available in three different sizes: 510 x 500 mm for the small model, 510 x 760 mm for the medium model, and 760 x 760 mm for the large oven. Solutions for all needs, as always.

The new HJX-PRO configurations

The two new configurations are HJX-PRO-TD (with table and drawer), and HJX-PRO-WTD (with temperature control unit, table and drawer).

See the new HJX-PRO range here, the new generation of Josper ovens.

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