Josper revolutionises the world of charcoal with its new Basque Grill

Presenting the double Basque Grill and Josper modelHJX25M charcoal oven Combo to Martín Berasategui at San Sebastian Gastronomika 2016.

Josper presented the new Basque Grill in San Sebastian Gastronomika, a traditional open grill with great value for its design and use in live cooking presentations. Josper’s new Basque Grill has already been installed in successful establishments such as Vaca Nostra from Juan Pozuelo, or Lomo Alto from Carles Tejedor. This week, it will be installed in the famous three-Michelin starred Martín Berasategui in Lasarte-Oria (Gipuzkoa).

6 October 2016: Josper has done it again: first, it revolutionised the traditional charcoal oven with the Josper charcoal oven, a closed barbecue; years later it was the traditional Japanese grill’s turn, with the creation of the Robatagrill, special for skewers; now it is revolutionising the sector once again with the launch of the Basque Grill, a traditional open grill with advanced design and technology, made up of different independent modules allowing for the adjacent installation of a Josper oven in a single complex kitchen module. Josper’s new Basque Grill is a very elegant piece of equipment, adding value to any establishment that installs it, not only because of the unique taste brought to the ingredients grilled on it, but also its use in live cooking presentations.

In the Basque Grill’s manufacturing process we use only the best steel alloys, created by and for Josper, as well as employing the most advanced design in the construction of traditional grills. The appliance includes a wheel-driven mechanical system that lifts the arm, is fitted with a high-quality reducer, allowing for movement with little effort, and has a very strong resistance to high temperatures. It takes approximately 20 minutes to heat up, with a cooking temperature of 250ºC.

The independent cooking modules allow each grill to be regulated independently to completely control the cooking of all types of food. Each module has an independent ash collection system and a lower drawer for storing accessories.

Josper Basque Grill

The new Basque Grill is perfect for all types of catering establishments: grill houses, brasseries, tapas bars, bistro-cafés, and traditional and haute-cuisine restaurants. Prestigious chefs such as Juan Pozuelo and Carles Tejedor have already turned to Josper’s Basque Grill for their establishments, Vaca Nostra and Lomo Alto. Martín Berasategui, the only Spaniard with seven Michelin Stars, will install his new Basque Grill in his original restaurant in Lasarte-Oria this week.

Manu Yebras, Josper’s sales director, admits that he decided to develop the Basque Grill “because the biggest, most prestigious grill houses are in the Basque Country. And Josper, with our passion for grilling, also wanted to be there”. Martín Berasategui, who has been working with Josper for over 25 years, particularly values “the unique and distinguishing flavour that Josper brings to my kitchen: a perfect appliance that extraordinarily enhances the authentic flavours of the products we use in my kitchen”. “I owe part of Berasategui’s Michelin stars to Josper, as many of the things we make in my kitchen go into Josper’s oven and it’s just wonderful”, says Martín Berasategui.

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