Josper and The Kitchen Restaurant, a culinary journey over embers

Josper y The Kitchen, en The Movenpick Resort y Marine Spa Sousse

This June, the restaurant The Kitchen Restaurant and Josper are joining forces to celebrate a very special event in an incomparable setting: the Movenpick Resort and Marine Spa Sousse,in SousseTunisia. With a privileged location and a fabulous, open view of the Mediterranean, we were delighted to team up with this steakhouse restaurant that has already established itself on the Tunisian culinary scene as an authentic meat institution since 2015.

Josper y The Kitchen, en The Movenpick Resort y Marine Spa Sousse, 3

The Kitchen Restaurant team are great cooks and experts in exceptional meats, such as Angus, Kobe and Irish beef, T-Bone, beef ribs and many more breeds and cuts, from local and foreign producers. What’s more, aside from their other means of refrigeration for optimal control of temperature, humidity and ventilation, the meat is dry aged (a form of ageing used particularly for high-quality cuts from the best breeds) in their ageing cellar, in a controlled atmosphere of 1.5 °C to 3 °C for 20 to 60 days, depending on the breed and age of the animal. As such, the Kitchen Restaurant is able to produce a truly exceptional meat, with extremely tender cuts fully of intense flavour, juicy texture and sensory nuances.

And, of course, the Josper equipment: charcoal ovens and open equipment to prepare the best charcoal-grilled meat at The Kitchen Restaurant. Unique pieces of meat cooked on the grills, burgers cooked to perfection… The Josper equipment was in full operation throughout the evening, to the delight of the most carnivorous of diners.

Josper y The Kitchen, en The Movenpick Resort y Marine Spa Sousse, 12

The event attracted a large crowd of guests, with live music, the chef Osvaldo Lupis and the grill master Bakri Bouchi, the sales director at Josper and a grilling expert. The kitchen with Josper equipment was set up in a warm and cosy environment at the Terasse Tapeo in the Mövenpick Resort & Marine Spa in Sousse.

Josper y The Kitchen, en The Movenpick Resort y Marine Spa Sousse, 16

At Josper we are proud of the Kitchen Restaurant’s expertise. Full production, a wide range of products, expert catering and unique gastronomic experiences in such a stunning location as The Movenpick Resort and Marine Spa Sousse, with a fabulous view of the open sea.

Este junio, el restaurante The Kitchen, en la ciudad costera de Marsa (Túnez) y Josper nos unimos para celebrar un evento muy especial en un marco incomparable: The Movenpick Resort y Marine Spa Sousse., 19

The perfect place to enjoy a new culinary journey! A journey we are grateful to be part of. We’ll leave you with a gallery of images and a video of the event.

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… And a video of the event!

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