How to cook clams in the Josper

Deliciosas almejas al Josper

Today we’ll see how to cook clams in the Josper.


-1 portion clams

-Salt, pepper and extra virgen olive oil

-1 julienned garlic clove

-2 medium-sized chilis cut down the middle

Preparación de las almejas al Josper


Firstly, you have to heat the pot (20 cm, for example) inside the Josper for a couple of minutes while preparing the clams; then open the door and cover the base of the pot with extra virgin olive oil, always taking care when handling the Josper’s hot grills and cookware.

Season the clams with salt and pepper and generously bathe them in extra virgin olive oil.

Sauté a julienned garlic clove in the pot, add a few pieces of chili pepper and the clams, stir and leave them to cook for a minute in the oven.

Cazuela de almejas ya en el Josper

After the minute is up, open the door, and you’ll find a very juicy plate of clams with an unbeatable flavour, cooked over the Josper’s embers.

Plate them (don’t forget the juice) and garnish to taste.

Ready to serve!

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