Concepts with soul: Hôtel Le Mosaïque, Narbonne

Hotel Le Mosaique y Josper

Rarely have we been in a hotel and its restaurant with such a holistic approach to each of its spaces. A Boutique Hotel & Restaurant conceived as a whole and with a unique personality. We are referring to the connection between everything with which the customer is in contact: spaces, designs, colours, products, food, aromas, touch, people, service, etc.; where everything revolves around the well-being of people, whether they are customers or workers. And therein lies the success of the Hôtel Le Mosaïque in Narbonne.

A charming restored mansion

A beautiful bourgeois mansion dating from the early 20th century, in the heart of Narbonne (a very quiet corner of Avenues Mosaïque and Paul-Louis Courrier). It was chosen by the Rizzo family, of Italian-Argentine origin, to house a 4-star hotel project: a hotel and restaurant that will certainly bring even more life to the Occitan city. The building has been magnificently restored by the architect Françoise Ferry (although the pandemic did not make it easy), managing to respect all the charm of the original hotel, thanks to his team of local craftsmen and the use of traditional techniques and materials, but without renouncing the latest technologies. After the two-year renovation, the hotel and restaurant Le Mosaïque finally opened its doors in June 2022.

The hotel: a warm, elegant and peaceful setting

You feel at home in the hotel. As soon as you arrive you are greeted with exquisite, very friendly service, at a slight distance and with a warm, heart-felt welcome. The first thing that will catch your eye is the beautifully landscaped entrance and, inside the building, the cosy lounge, the marble-floored restaurant and the lovingly restored wooden staircase. In the meantime, each and every space, furniture and work of art was described to us, right up to the rooms: elegantly decorated, right down to the smallest detail. Comfortable beds, handcrafted mirrors by Alek, bathrooms with porcelain cups by Laurie David, washbasins in Caunes-Minervois red marble or green quartzite by Pierres & Co and handmade soaps made of Gruissan salt by Peau Ethik, are just some of the tasteful elements that can be found in the hotel’s 14 rooms (plus a suite with colourful stained glass windows), adaptable to any need. Certainly, no detail has been left to chance. And for guests to relax, the hotel also has a bar with unique cocktails, a beautiful garden and terrace (where you can enjoy an à la carte breakfast) and a chic seasonal swimming pool at the back. All in a very pleasant atmosphere.

Horno Josper en plena acción en el Htel Le Mosaïque de Narbonne

Josper oven in action at the Hotel Le Mosaïque in Narbonne

Flavours of yesteryear and avant-garde techniques The restaurant Le Mosaïque has the advice and collaboration of its manager, Fracisco Rizzo. It is a space with essence and its cuisine, with soul, is the work of chef Alexandre Durand (disciple of Gilles Goujon, with 3 Michelin stars), a tireless researcher of international culinary trends, which he demonstrates particularly well in the restaurant’s French-Argentine fusion cuisine dishes (such as the Asado de tira a la parrilla (roast rib) with choripán). The menu of the restaurant Le Mosaïque offers flavours of yesteryear combined with avant-garde culinary techniques: “Du Jardin”, “De notre coeur”, “De la mer”… This is how they introduce the first ones in Le Mosaïque and, to continue, dishes such as “A la Parrilla” or “Secret de Famille”… Because the family plays a very important role in the project. Many of the team members have family ties, which embrace the visitor and accompany the experience, from the management team to the kitchen staff. More than a team; a family.

The secret: the Josper HJX Pro M120 oven

From the outset, a Josper brazier oven was chosen for the kitchen. At Le Mosaïque it was clear to them that the powerful charcoal oven was the key to the fusion cuisine with Argentinian touches on the menu, in which the grill is a basic element. Thus, a wide variety of dishes owe their success (as well as the chef’s mastery, of course) to the restaurant’s Josper HJX Pro M120 oven, which does of course, work 100% on charcoal, and has Josper’s unique closed barbecue design, different braising levels and temperature control with Josper’s characteristic pull system, as well as the now famous, agile and robust front door system, which is easy to operate.

En la cocina del Restaurante Le Mosaïque, con Josper

We were struck by how, at Le Mosaïque, they grill lemons and peaches in the Josper oven, which are then included in different preparations, or the marvellous way they prepare grilled meat and poultry, keeping all the juiciness, but sealing them well on top. In addition, the delicious grilled octopus and the irresistible grilled vegetables, such as aubergines, potatoes, peppers, tomatoes, ginger or mushrooms that accompany the dishes, or even a fantastic dessert made with peaches, among other Josper dishes.

We highly recommend a visit to the Hôtel and Restaurant Le Mosaïque de Narbonne.

The Hôtel and Restaurant Le Mosaïque is located at 21 Rue Mosaïque, Narbonne, Aude, 11100, France.

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