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Open grills: show cooking among the embers

Parrilla Abierta, las brasas toman las cocinas

For some years now, grilled cooking has been a gastronomic speciality upon which major restaurants have been focusing and which improves the aroma and flavour of meat, fish, vegetables or greens. The classic universal open grill can be adapted to the new techniques of fusion cuisine.

The open grill, in its various formats and international gastronomic traditions, has become indispensable and the nerve centre of many professional kitchens. That is why we at Josper have developed a whole line of open grill devices under our trademark seal of technological quality, with options for everyone including combos, robata grills, Basque grills and mangals, so that any avant-garde dish of any nationality can be cooked on them in the traditional way.

The latest technology is combined with embers resulting from charcoal of the highest quality, giving each dish an unmistakable aroma, colour and flavour.

Josper Robatagrill, an open grill

The open grill of the Far East

And to enjoy this unique spectacle where you can contemplate the red of the embers, smell the aroma given off by the products and witness the art of the cook when preparing the grill, there is nothing like robatayaki or robata cooking. The origin of this ancient technique can be found on the Japanese island of Hokkaido, where fishermen, at the end of the day at sea, grilled fish and seafood communally once in port. They would do this around an irori, the heart of traditional Japanese cuisine. Later, in order to be able to cook on board their boats, they invented stone vessels in which they could keep the embers hot while protecting the wood of the hulls. The success of this idea was such that it caught on ashore, in restaurants where food was cooked in small portions on open grills over charcoal.

To combine this millennia-old art with the best technology and avant-garde cuisine, the Josper Robatagrill offers several levels of braising to subject each type of food to the optimal cooking temperature, and includes different types of accessories for working on charcoal skewers, Teppanyaki grills and other utensils. Furthermore, high-quality charcoal is a must, and you can choose between oak, coconut, lychee and white quebracho to give each dish a unique touch.

Open grill basque style, by Josper

Basque-style grills

Another ancient technique, which has its origins in the villages of the Basque Country, is the Basque grill. In the old days, every farmhouse had a hearth (the so-called ‘low fire’) where people would cook food on the grill. As early as the 18th century, eating “txuletones” on the grill was a festive gastronomic act. Today, this technique has become a trend inside and outside Spain. And to get the most out of these magnificent pieces of beef, there’s nothing like the high-tech Josper Basque grill, with its design and construction based on advice from Bittor Arginzoniz, owner and chef of Asador Etxebarri, the third-best restaurant in the world according to “World’s 50 Best 2019” and one which has revolutionised the oldest culinary technique in the world, the roast. Not surprisingly, ‘foodies’ from all over the world routinely wait up to four months to get a table.

The Josper Basque grill is a new open grill with a modular nature that also allows you to install a Josper oven, thereby producing a single complete kitchen module. It’s perfect for steakhouses, brasseries, bistros and traditional or haute cuisine restaurants.

Josper Mangal, an open grill

Mangal-style open grill

And if that wasn’t enough, the open grill of the Josper mangal is based on the culinary tradition of the Middle East for mangal-style cooking. Originating in Turkey, the mangal was the name given to the indoor stoves used to heat food and since then, it has brought friends and family together for parties around open grills. 

With an extra-large grill surface, four grilling levels and accessories that allow all kinds of applications, it is one of the most versatile and multifunctional Josper devices. It is ideal for cooking different types of meat cuts, hamburgers, kebabs, shaslik, chicken and a wide variety of vegetables. This is always done in small portions and on skewers..

There is a whole series of options whereby Josper offers the best technology to enjoy the open grill and embers as a way of life.

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