Albert Adrià and Josper, 13 experiences

Albert Adrià y Josper, el mejor cómplice de su cocina

The surname Adrià will forever be etched in the history of cuisine and gastronomy. We can undoubtedly confirm that the contribution of the El Bulli team marked a before and after in the way of understanding the kitchen and the relationship between the creations and diners. The start of this era was marked by its visible leader, Ferran Adrià, and by an extraordinary team of professionals who explored all their curiosities in this laboratory on the Costa Brava, in Cala Montjoi, Roses.

Part of that team and a key member was Albert Adrià, an individual who defines himself as a chef “by chance”. At the age of 15 he started at El Bulli; his brother was head chef at 22. According to Albert Adrià, the 3 pillars of the kitchen are: the product, the technique and the chef, although the key is emotion— that experience that is awakened in the diner and cannot be described in words. The emotion that goes from the palate to the subconscious, passing through the record of life, bringing us closer to that memory which takes on a life of its own when we taste a dish.

In line with the emotion that gastronomic coals bring to the product and based on charcoal grilling techniques, the relationship between Josper and Albert Adrià has been growing over the last 5 years. Going from the San Sebastian Gastronomika 2013 congress, where it all started, to the kitchens of Barcelona’s elBarri project, the experience at the White Rabbit Restaurant, the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts and the PIR Expo in Moscow in October 2016. Shared experiences that continue to bear fruit, such as the 13 capsules we are presenting in the coming weeks on Josper’s social media profiles.

The product, the technique, the chef and the appliance, with the Josper charcoal oven being the first accomplice to Albert Adrià’s cooking— all used to reach those intangible emotions while also being expressive in the mouth and mind of the diners. Enjoy them as much as we have, with the help of the great team at El Barri and Josper.

Ostra asada en un Josper por Albert Adrià
Ostra asada en el Josper por Albert Adrià y su equipo de elBarri

Lista de vídeos:

Smoked mackerel

Marinated salmon with nori

Sea bass ceviche

Roasted oyster with horn of plenty mushroom tea

Grilled leek with calçot

Cinnamon chicken anticucho

Smoked burrata with Caesar’s mushroom

Northern meat

Grilled pineapple cocktail

Black cod with miso saiko

Canapé with smoke marinated eel à la Josper

Bresse quail stuffed with aubergine

Bouchot mussels with smoked butter and black pepper

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